My Weight Loss Commitment


By writing this down to the public, I will be more committed. I guess that’s the only way I can force myself to continue this process forever. 

I’ve had some ups and downs with my weight loss. I used to take care of my body and food intakes last year. But this year, it has all gone wrong. I don’t want to continue like that anymore. So from now on, I’ll eat less but more. 

How’s that?!
What I mean to say is that I’ll eat smaller portions but I’ll have more than 3 meals per day. I’ll extend it to six meals per day. 

And I’ll eat everything I want, but in smaller portions without prohibiting myself from sweets. 

Also as part of my weight loss program, I’ll do a minimum of 3 days/week sport sessions. I’ll do a bit of cardio and a bit of outdoor running and hiking. 

I will follow this till the end, no matter what. This is my body and I should take great care of it.
Now that I’ve announced it publicly I find that I am obligated to follow it. 


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