Before and After Curiosity

Yes I am curious about how a person’s face changes from before.

Why? Well, I have no idea. I just am :/

And once I start I can’t stop. It’s like when you come upon a box of different chocolate pieces, but you plan to taste only one. You love it and then an inner desire or temptation arises to discover what another piece tastes like and so on until … oh crap! The box is empty. Oops! Mom’s gonna kill me :O

So here’s my story. I would be surfing the browser and then come upon a picture of my cousin that I haven’t seen since … well, a decade !! And  boy has he changed!! Then comes a picture of him with his younger brother that I havent seen in a decade as well. I didn’t even recognize him! Then a friend texts me whom I haven’t talked or seen in years, so I get curious to know what happened to her and so on. But it doesn’t stop with the people I care about or were part of my life, also I am curious how celebrities have changed since I last saw them on TV.

But I don’t judge.. I keep my opinions to myself.

When my curiosity is satisfied, I stop and go looking after my life.

Yes, I know. I am very creepy.  But I don’t know. I like spotting changes in people’s faces. I love to know how they change in time  and for what reason. 


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