This movie has changed me the moment I watched it. I loved it, simply loved it!! It’s a capturing but in a weird way which made it stand out, for me.

What I loved about it is that she doesn’t show that she is the source of help. She does it so secretively like a detective story and probably that’s because she lived in solitude most of her life. But helping them made her smile even though she knows she’s needs fixing herself.

It made me smile, cry and laugh. I actually felt like I was in the movie. I still repeat some scenes that made me smile and laugh when I needed it.

It made me feel that even though you feel like a nobody, but making a small change in people’s lives or even your own will make you a somebody.

Also the soundtrack was breathtaking. I guess I found my new love: the genius artist Yann Tiersen. Wow! After that soundtrack, I downloaded all his albums 😀 . His music is genuine, fun, moving and breathtaking. For those who don’t like classic music such as Beethoven or Mozart, I guess they will not say no to this. He uses a various instruments in each piece & you can hear them clearly. I urge you to listen to his music. Try this:


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