The Invisibility Effect

Photo: painted face

Imagine your were invisible for 1 day. What would you do? How would react? Would you be happy? Would you be a different person during those 24 hours;  a person you wish you could be but you were too scared to make that step?  I would.

That idea came to my mind ever since I watched Harry Potter when he was gifted the invisibility cloak. And I would wish I was in his place. If I had that cloak, I would walk around to find who is really my friend, sneak on other people’s lives and see how there lives differ from mine. But now, my thoughts have changed. I don’t care what people say, I am what I am and I am happy. That’s all that matters. I, now, live by a quote that says: ” Don’t worry about the people who talk behind your back; they’re behind you for a reason.” This quote is very true and it made me think of what a fool I was. I cared of others’ matters rather than my own. A mistake I regret greatly!

If someone where to ask me if you had the chance to be invisible for 1 day, would you take it? If yes, what would you do?
I’m 20 now and I have only 3 semesters before graduating. Very soon I will be leading MY life forward and things are not as simple as they used to be when I was young. My responsibilities and commitments increased in number, dreams to achieve, and my own life to live and make my own choices. There are many things I wanted to do but never had the courage to do. Like public speaking… I get too anxious over that mistake that I have made earlier: Worried of what people might say of me after my speech. So if I had  the chance to be invisible, I would choose to make my first move and speak up (even though I am invisible.. although it would be weird :P) and let that haunting fear leave me once and for all. And let that be my starting point for a fresh new start.

Although, we all know that that’s highly unlikely. So what I am doing currently is, pretending that I am invisible and just do it without thinking. What amazes me is that fear hits me second after I finish my speech. But what comes first is my confidence and I am not even aware of it . I guess I’d prefer that over being invisible! What about you?


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